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Top 10 tips for a hassle free move

Top 10 tips for a hassle free move

It is a well-documented fact that moving house is one of the most stressful events in life,but with these helpful packing and organising tips you can very easily have a hassle free move.

We’ve had a great deal of experience conducting removals in Hampstead, Notting Hill and elsewhere in north-west London, and so we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to and make your next move that little bit easier…

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1. Start weeks in advance. Leaving it until the last minute is tempting for a number of reasons – you don’t want to live among boxes, you still need to use many of the items you’re packing, you don’t want to unsettle children or pets…the list goes on. However, even boxing up a few smaller items ahead of time can lessen the work in the final week, and you can start with things kept in storage or in a spare room that you won’t necessarily miss.

2. De-clutter. When packing up, you may well come across parts of the house that are filled with clutter and junk that has accumulated over the years. Time to get ruthless and donate, sell or bin anything that isn’t worth packing up and bringing with you.

3. Consider child and pet care. Moving can be a stressful event for little ones and furry family members, so for it to be a hassle free move, you may want to arrange care while the actual move takes place.

4. Leave the kitchen and bathroom until last. These are rooms in which we spend a lot of time, and we can’t use any other room in the house to double-up for the purpose. Therefore, these should be the last two rooms you pack up to minimise disruption to everyday life.

5. Photograph anything you dismantle. One key trick when it comes to house removals involves a smartphone; if you have to take apart furniture, electronics, or anything else that may prove tricky to put back together at the other end, taking pictures can provide a point of reference that can make reassembly at the other end easier, especially if you’ve misplaced the original instructions.

6. Label your boxes and bags. Ideally, this should encompass more than just the designated room, but also the contents. You should have a special marking system for boxes that contain important documents such as birth certificates, passports, and national insurance numbers.

7. Ensure you have insurance. You should make sure you have contents insurance for the items you are moving, but also the movers you are using have the right protection in place. At Friendly Removals, we are fully insured and accredited by The National Guild of Removers, The Removals Industry Ombudsman Scheme, as well as being an ISO 9001 company, so we are well-equipped to provide coverage when helping you move.

8 .Make a moving checklist. Writing it all down may seem time-consuming, but this inventory can be incredibly useful when it comes to organisation and allowing for a hassle free move.

9. Keep essentials in a separate box or laundry basket. Set aside things like the kettle, water filter, tea bags and any other comforts so that you can lay claim to something with which to make a cup of tea or drink at the other end to help you settle.

10. Seek professional help. It can often be the case that the amount of work that goes into a move is sorely underestimated and that you end up with more to do than you can handle. Working with professional in house removals such as ourselves can save you a great deal of stress, as we do this day in and day out, so we know just how much time and effort is needed to keep everything sufficiently organised and stress to a minimum!


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